Posted by: Aya Thorgren | February 27, 2017

Healthy Sexuality, Sins, Higher Intelligence and Clear Communication

I was thinking about how often a woman’s intelligence and sexiness are what initially attracts a man but how often it happens that these, in insecurity and separation, are the very traits that the same man later on will hate her for and try and make her feel bad about.

I just read about a woman that was raped by her step brother, and when she finally dared to enter a relationship the men would treat her bad, want to have sex with her but at the same time make her feel that she was undeserving of love and respect, lower and slutty and be sure to let her know. This is very common in many patriarchal cultures, clans and even in many religious groups where women are considered totally sinful only because they exist. What a man feels by instinct when he sees women is that he wants sex. So since it’s seemingly an urge so difficult to control then the problem is the woman, not the lower consciousness of this male mind control problem. It’s amazing to me that women’s entire life, worth and dignity is sacrificed like this due to male lust and plain evil. And it doesn,t look like the bond of marriage is helping much on the sex mind control problem front of men at all. The worst part is probably how they play their games insisting and convincing women to agree do certain things only for their own pleasure (because women aren,t as easy as they would like them to be portrayed and certainly not animals)and then freak out about it or even deny it afterwards, women experience this as extremely humiliating. You can see this behavior in many married men with mistresses. Don,t fall into this game, don,t be convinced. If a person is capable of love and loving for real, would he do that to his wife? No, so what makes you think he is gonna change or be different for you?

So what is sin?
There are sins and mortal sins. They can be easiest explained as being stupid moves and extremely stupid moves, when you do something that will only backfire on you and not help you advance in your life or spiritually or in any way for that matter and those that puts your life in danger, where you energetically are totally stepping out of the foundations of light and higher intelligence and into uncharted grounds.

A healthy sexuality opens up and expresses itself freely within the safety and warmth of someone that actually cares and loves, sort of like a flower when the sun hits and its petals opening up one by one, but closes up and dies when it’s cold and there is no watering; no communication or response, no love, no dignity or maybe even danger. An intelligent woman waits for some sort of commitment before giving all of herself, out of emotional, mental, physical and material security and saving the best parts for a person that actually loves her. Some people think they want true love and sure talk about it (while paradoxically forgetting to be it and give it) but what they really want is approval.
Love is so vast and complete, you love no matter what, in complete acceptance, when here or there, on this planet or on another solarsystem, even if they make mistakes but if all you want is approval then it is limited to what you expect that person to be in relation to you, to how much they flatter your ego. And if they don,t and you couldn,t care less about them, then that is not love.

An intelligent mind transmits knowledge that makes sense, all the way, where the information is waterproof. No matter from what angle you approach it, or what you call it, the result is the same, every line carries straightforward truth.
Learn how to analyze all information that comes your way and see if and when it deviates into something else. Texts can for example have been manipulated to confuse or even contradict themselves. Learn how to take in what you need and rings true and leave what you don,t need.
For example if I wanted to manipulate you to worship me for personal gain then I will use some truth, mix it with some of my godly traits and then some filler popularity stuff about how great I am and how immense my personal power is and aim for the result of you thinking that you need me and then proceed with giving you half answers and charge for the other half.


Love & Light



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