Posted by: Aya Thorgren | February 26, 2017

Like Attracts – Soul Missions

When you ask the Universe to bring someone cool into your life, someone you can go crazy with and get a lot of things done with you want that person to think somewhat in your direction, that the traits that person carry are somewhat similar to yours, not because you are a huge narcissist but because it makes total and even logical sense. It’s not small differences like preferences in soccer teams, taste in food or the clothing style that breaks a relationship, you just don,t want to spend your time with someone that questions everything you are all about, moves full force in the opposite direction or jumps too easily into every single thing that breaks the unity.

The point isn,t to come in and try to change a person. You either like that person or you don,t. You vibe or you don,t. You respect everything about that person or you don,t.
Just forget judging anyone based on anything since it’s not your job and you have no idea where they are coming from. You can choose to calm down, find out, learn something new and practice understanding but if the differences are huge and seemingly impossible for pacific respectful, positive living, loving and harmonizing, for example you are full of hope but he is totally hopeless and getting negative about stupid details, then you should absolutely break away. One, because you won,t get anything done like that. Added peace of mind in our lives is the point in all this, a relationship should certainly not be another source of fear and stress but add to your feeling of togetherness, strength and invincibility.
When you fall into or open up to any type of fear you break the confidence, create a blockage and open up portals into another “lesser” destiny.


Love & Light



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