Posted by: Aya Thorgren | February 20, 2017

Triggering Fear – Mental Projection

Part of a controlling society lies in creating chaos and causing panic while instilling fear. It’s very hard to make the right decisions or think straight under pressure and you are much easier to control and will instinctually take less risks. In a moment like that it’s important to understand that all friction is created. Someone throws out a fear about a possible threat only to try to attract that circumstance.

We are looking at scenarios where despots (some disguised as democratic although not elected democratically) will try to instill fear worldwide to open a mental/ physical space for world domination. This also works on personal levels, if you can break the peace and trust in between people with confusing facts and fears, you can create separation and misunderstandings within a group which is key when breaking down countries and cultures. You can literally and totally break down a person and entire families like that.
We are looking at violent scenarios where people will be literally sacrificed only to perpetuate the fear and call for armed defense.

An example is that after judges purposefully released extremely violent criminals and rapists by selection that immediately went on to do atrocious crimes, half a million Costa Ricans acquired weapons of defense since additionally the police is not thoroughly equipped or payed enough nor prepared considering the tax money is used on luxury salaries for the top government elitist leaders and not where needed, on education and prevention. None of this was a coincidence, if it was it would force them to admit that they must have no idea what they are doing and that the most educated people of this country are showing a great lack of intelligence and signs of chaotic thinking leading to total and complete disaster.

Another example is an incredulous recent threat coming from the US presidency to the country of Sweden, where the actual president somehow mysteriously happened to know about some serious crime that was going to be executed. The threat is in itself extremely suspicious, one coming from the US president, two mentioning terrorism while the same exhibits extreme xenophobia and hasn,t stopped to insult every culture that differs from his own since his name came up on the lists. The fact is that just him doing that could have totally triggered an attack which shows how far certain groups are wiling to take this, to make human sacrifices and trigger fear with the immediate result of a heightened commerce.

Keep your eyes open to these events, learn how to distinguish the cause, the reason and learn how to neutralize them, mentally and physically.

There is intuition and mental projection. The first one is an instinctual warning from the inside and the second is created by someone purposefully from the outside. ( “Mental Projection is the ability to project one’s thoughts, consciousness, emotions out of their body. The body is physical but your mind extends beyond it.” PsiWiki.)

“Certain philosophers consider the mental plane optimal for projection as it is divine enough to avoid black magic and ‘lower psychism’ yet also grounded enough to preserve a rational quality of experience (rational but not emotionally detached; mental encloses emotional). Others think it is better to proceed beyond humanoid form to the causal and mental auras, as these reflections of yet higher formless consciousness also transcend deeper flaws of humanity (like ‘egotistic self-identification’) that cause the lower psychism. These philosophers recommend striving to project into divine consciousness, not necessarily leaving one’s lower consciousness, but becoming aware of spirit and divine will”

 Mental projection

Stay extremely calm and never get caught in the fear.
You make more mistakes and have no life when stressed.


What your mind sees is what you will create so if anyone can cause some type of mass hysteria where everyone visualizes the same disaster, it’s done. That is why media can and should be transmitters of truth but can also alternatively perfectly well be used to perpetuate fear through repetitive negative visualization and actually help to augment the possibilities of mass hysteria and dissentient events.

Love & Light



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