Posted by: Aya Thorgren | February 20, 2017

Golden Leaves by Aya

Golden leaves falling to the ground

My whole body is full of sound

Taking a day in my paradise

If I fill up my soul
It’s a better rise
Waking up hours before dawn
Watching the first light move the night
Thinking about you
I,m in full sun rise
Pumpin myself full of life force
I just can,t be going full force
It’s been weeks of slowing down
Moving little and thinking too much
Today I just focus on the touch
Yesterday bisnes, fitness n fun and all
so today I,m sitting back loving it all overall
Forget the stressing and all the guessing
Pulling a weed and planting a seed
Getting on with it from all directions

Coming back to myself/ here I am
On a slower pace/ full of grace
Floating down the paths of angels
Butterflies and well known strangers

Grateful for every day
A pleasant surprise in every way
Not a day is the same
Nor is the encounters
Seeing the same people
At the exact same spot
In a different moment in time
you can’t help but react
This is weird and a fact
more like a chosen pact
This place is like a skip in moments and jumps in time
many places
For many races
many dimensions
Weaved into one
Make your pick
Pick your ride
See this or that
Feel this or whatever
For a short burning while or forever
You feel the pain or you feel the joy
the indigenous death or white man going wild
see the cruelty or the serenity
It is a place to let go/ and choose where to go/
then after that you just go and go


Love & Light




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