Posted by: Aya Thorgren | February 19, 2017

You define the Change

As opposed to what many believe the changes are probably not going to come from the extremely wealthy, but from the people that need the change to advance.

You don,t have to be wealthy to make a huge difference, all you need to do is to only put your energy and money towards what you would like to support.
For example buy organic rice in bulk from an indigenous reserve before you buy a toxic rice depleted from nutrients and packaged in plastic by a transnational. Invest in handcrafted goods that have actual value instead of mass produced crappy things that are ugly or at least not interesting and additionally won,t last long. Buy tools from companies that take pride in quality and guarantees. Choose fresh cosmetics and skincare to ensure that something of nutritious value is absorbed through the skin over processed chemical products that are mainly created for long shelf life.
Inquire only about cero emission vehicles.

When you set up a business, buy what you need from people that love what they do and do it to perfection to ensure high quality and peace of mind, then you not only support small businesses in need of survival but you also get something of actual value, that you can be proud of, to pass onto other people.


Trading should be something one takes pride in, not a wheeling and dealing while aggressively marketing useless, ugly or harmful products.


Love & Light



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