Posted by: Aya Thorgren | February 18, 2017

Fighting the change

It amazes me to see how the advances immediately slows down by everyone’s separate opinions and fears.

I tried in my first book, The Ark of Noah- a Survival Guide (2004) to pinpoint things humanity can agree upon, not the endless differences and distinct variety of beliefs but the questions and answers to our common problems.

There are all these people that are NOT into this and NOT into that, people that act revolutionaries with the political parties and hats from the last century to go with it or alternatively an orthodox ancient religion, only to deter the other half from joining in and making a real united, profound, lasting change and present a new way for humans to deal with their reality.

With more realism, hope and less cynicism.

It almost seems like people prefer to protest against what they don,t like than to DO the stuff that makes a difference.


When people say that they are just not into politics, what they mean is that they do not mind or care when an inferior idiot runs their life. If I present two thousand ways of spreading the wealth most people won,t have the attention span to understand the idea nor its impact and few will move on it, but when they come back to square one again, they won,t even recognize that it had to do with that they didn’t move on anything, it’s always just someone else’s fault. Most men’s excuse stories has to do with a woman, alcohol or drugs they just got lost in it and lost time, money, the inheritage, the strength and their mental health. This is the reality of the males that didn’t,t move. They got lost in space. Now, how easy is that group to purposefully distract? Only too easy.

We have those who think they are better since they choose not to make money run their lives and decisions and those who think they are better because they do.
Those whose life is run by emotions and those who sit back and take a closer look at things before they act.

Those whose self esteem is suffering due to childhood – family circumstances and shortcomings, then on the other hand those who have so much of it that they think they are some sort of planetary God.

Those who feel they are better than others on all levels, like for example men. Men feel like they are above everything on this planet, the way men “educated” and not talk and “intellectualize” about everything and women’s matters and rights but then can,t wait to lash harmful indirects at them and find some problem with them, create a society that purposefully excludes them, devaluates or denigrates them, shows their style. A man can for example love a car, a woman can appreciate and enjoy the practicality of a a car but loves the family, the husband the children, the dog and cat.

For example, to totally exclude the appreciation of a woman’s intelligence and goals and only talk sex is quite disturbing for most women, like if they are not sexy then they,re not interesting but if they are too sexy then they are sluts. And if she isn,t sweet and cute, then she is a frustrated hormonal bitch in need of “cuchicuchi”. A woman has to tip toe no matter what she does since if she does half of the things men’ are socially accepted to do, like for example going full force into a career or three, politics, economy, medicine, and world order, everyone is of course, shocked. For the woman that tries, let me tell you, a huge WALL comes up, society, men and women are clearly programmed to as what to do and what is accepted, in fact, the people that most need the change are the ones that will fight it most ferociously. They will also due to lack of self esteem and faith choose every wrong path along the road and literally ruin it for themselves. The crucifixion of doing good and being good while doing things for the community is and always has been that certain people will start to hate you for it. Or they hate that you did it, that you manifested a change and they did not, they wonder why you jumped on that and why not them, or you are manifesting a change that is a huge problem for them, they will start to see you as superior and outspoken which makes them feel inferior, some will get irritated that you are a woman and should be playing on sex with everyone you meet but you,re not, like they are. That for you sexuality is a beautiful part life and you actually enjoy it when they feel it’s bad but they can’t stop thinking about it. Then they will question your education, how many Phd, s you have in spite of the fact that today’s education is rather limited in countenance, everything is separated ( which is untrue and not real) the fact that you questioned your teachers and considered the faulty society we built, built on that education, be rather glad you weren,t caught up in rigid thinking for too long until totally and completely brainwashed.

This is the paradox and the ultimate success of the “programmers” and governments, that the people will choose to defend what they know, even if it’s bad, before they will go for a change. They will like in The Stockholm Syndrome defend their jailer before anyone. People with pain will prefer the pain, poor people the poverty, people with depressions, will defend their depressions and medicine before trying to create a society that is not depressing. In fact, in our society depressions are not only normal but totally accepted as such so why wouldn’t,t a depressed person accept it and try and live with it their entire life?

Only too many women have been living lives without dignity in far too many countries due to a systematized cultural male chauvinism where the entire culture is set up so that the only way you can move is through a man. The men literally don,t know how to treat women with respect.These women do not even know they have rights and are afraid to speak up but I, as a woman born in a country where I always felt I had rights and was respected and treated as a human being, just won,t accept that as a reality, that the old patriarchy think they have the right to slow these women and children down, control, manipulate them and play with their dignity purposefully, no, this is something I would fine heavily so that the awakening will come NOW.

I just won,t wait another day. I am not waking up tomorrow to the same bullshit. Y punto.


Love & Light




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