Posted by: Aya Thorgren | February 15, 2017

Mind Control

Just as drug traffickers find endless new ways to make their products get to their destinations, there are people, companies and even governments that continuously find new ways of controlling people,s minds to manipulate them to do what they want them to do or at least break them down and render them harmless. This can be done through media, through manipulating relations, communications and entertainment. This affects their mental – emotional and even physical state and makes them more likely to need medications like anti- depressants and tranquilizers which creates a human with no willpower, less mentally sharp, less critical and a yes person.

Third world countries are attacked cybernetically to extract ideas, confuse communication and manipulate business to maintain their status as inferior without them really knowing. We had for example in our village foreigners that would manipulate the Internet and still do, to obliterate local business, steal any information they can find and pump up connections to prime real estate. In fact the expert this country gets advice from is NOT from this country and I can assure that that specific country is already in every Costa Rican system and laughing about it too. They are that shrewd that they may even plan to sell them security systems that someone corrupt will facilitate immediately, and that they of course can penetrate whenever they feel like it.
The more they know about you, the people you work with, your friends and what you are up to, the more they can also intentionally harm you. All they need to find out anything about you is to ask your friends when for example drunk. If you have any weakness they will use it whether it be sex, drugs or greed. Then they know from which angle to “get” you.

Behind almost every ayahuasca Schaman for example lie Israelis or Jews. Almost every culture of “freedom”, even the so called hippies use substances and many times synthetic to feel more free although this is purely illusional since it debilitates the people, makes them focus almost entirely on sex and empty conversations only and it tires them out. When in that state you are in fact more likely to accept things the way they are without much resistance. So to reach some sort of “enlightenment” or more like a very temporary ” high”, they use a hallucinogenic substance, natural or synthetic and sound to penetrate the inner threads of the soul with the only purpose to program them that they keep coming back for more while, of course, charging top dollars for the experience. Charging for spirituality is not correct. Choosing to donate when you see results or learn something, yes.
The reason that they do it in a group and not individually is preoccupying and a sign of trying to achieve mass hypnosis or manipulate large groups contemporarily. You notice that these people conveniently tend to become more and more into just having these experiences than making any changes in our society. Some of these eventually decide to commit suicide.These are the people that just want to have fun which is fine as long as that is not all you are aiming for, because it eventually will only make you feel empty and frustrated, it would be something if it actually made you happy which is not the case. Happiness can not be found in something outside of you. Sometimes you need to put a foot down for something bigger than yourself unless you want to end up feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.


True spirituality sets you free, teaches you how to heal yourself, is empowering and frees you from all fear and judgement.

Love & Light




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