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Why do people lie?

As a defense mechanism or a disease or maybe out of spite or more like it out of total disrespect/ they just couldn’t,t care less?
Certain cultures may even lie more than others, seemingly being part of something people often do and are taught to do within that culture and thus accepted, making them also more prepared. It’s much easier to deal with things if you KNOW that the people around you almost for sure, will lie.

Then you can move on with asking the next question, what is the reason behind it?

People usually lie to cover something up whether a disgrace or a fault.


The Truth about Lyinglies1

Will lying survive the new era of super- consciousness and telepathy?
Nope. We won,t need to even speak to know what is going on and that is why dead silence won, t work either when everything is in the air and a susceptible being will perceive it. When you don,t want to handle a confrontation it may be easier to not speak, but the truth can,t be hidden. What we call instinct and intuition plays a huge part in this.
Additionally when someone does something to someone whatever it is, without either parts “knowing” the other part will be presented or drawn to live the exact same situation in a different version but in a innocent way. The only difference is that the first one, when doing something purposefully negative carries karma and the second is “innocent”. For example, if your partner is not loyal, then the Universe immediately presents you one that will be so if you decide to go with that person it is obviously not a sin. The sin was committed by the failing partner, someone who is unclear about what they want, a partnership or to be single and trying out new partners every so and then, since, unfortunately you just can,t have both. That means that if you would for example only open up to someone extremely serious and someone manages to convince you that they are, but with the wrong intent and doing it consciously, they will carry heavy karma.

If your move is faithless so will the result be, what the “universe gives can also be taken away ” or more like; if you reject what you have in front of you, in any way, then it won,t be yours, as simple as that.
You have made your choice and the subject and moment moves on.

Celebrating evil deeds and extreme decadence carries heavy karma in families and for generations if the action within that clan continues along those patterns.
If people knew that being evil and on an ego trip could affect health and the family maybe they would calm down but then maybe being part of evil is to purposefully sacrifice everyone, even their own, while possibly also enjoying it and looking for excuses as to why they couldn’t,t go that far and have everything.

Being grateful for what you have that is of actual value, is key to have more or important things will only be taken away from you until you start to appreciate the ” little ” things that you didn’t, even appreciate like perfect health, honesty and life for example, that in reality are pretty mayor.

Love & Light



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