Posted by: Aya Thorgren | February 10, 2017

Male Control of Markets

At least of what I have noticed in Latinamerica, the original European Latin cultures have clearly created a society of dependence, where the lesser fortunate are continuously used for the decadent use of the wealthy Europeans and Americans facilitated by the corruption of the ruling elite in these countries. Before a Latin European male comes in and sees how he can combine business with alleviating local problems and make changes, he will take advantage of whomever comes his way. Holding tight to the money and see how far it,ll take him and see how many women he can get with that, is just part of being an efficient economist.

They usually have a presentable straight looking strict official wife and a whole hareem of prostitutes or alternatively a steady mistress. They live alpha male style, sort of like monkeys. The more money these guys have the more they will overdo anything, sex, drugs, partying, shopping, traveling etc, etc. Business is done strictly with men, women always stand in the background and are used for sex only, (this also explains the jealous cat fights, hatred and competition in between Latin women.) Socializing is separate, Latin men hang with Latin men, women stick to themselves subservient to their expected house work and bringing up children or they are prostituting themselves and having lovers to maintain themselves and their abandoned children. They have two totally different lives (unlike for example Scandinavians where all responsibilities are shared equally by both parts and the women,s creative work related dreams are not sacrificed to perpetually serve the male buy both parts are allowed to have a life .)

All over the world we have these same problems, there is a huge reluctance of the patriarchs to hand over money to women unless they take on a part that works for them. It’s almost entertaining to watch how they move.
Men will loudly flaunt their wealth and talk power and money which I assume is to try and impress but when it comes to business do huge detours and have enormous excuses as to why they shouldn’t,t invest in what you are coming with but if you fit into their dating schedule or is available for sex or marriage then you fit in right away, then it will work, but only for that. I assume it’s a control thing. To control the amounts of power a woman has.

In fact the cynical approach of the male society where they purposefully have women pass through difficult moments, or let us say, clearly only invest in sex, in whoever will open up her legs to the least price (like a true economist) and not see women as business partners or with that thought that they should at least be taken advantage of when showing vulnerability, is to say the least shocking.

The male society knows they can make a huge difference in people’s life and make children happy and impact in the world but they choose NOT to. This clearly shows the evil and on what consciousness level, the average males are and the mediocrity they display. This is where the lies come in.


These men additionally do not trust themselves when it comes to their sexuality. They will classify a women as a sexual predator based on their very own fear of what that woman will bring up in them as exactly that, the sexual predator that they are. And worse when married. They have so much fear that they won,t be able to deal with a beautiful women in a clinical business way and fall into the male usual “uncontrollable perpetual desire mode”, that they will literally try and avoid this at all costs.
That is how hilarious and childish these men are.

And now we know why there are problems in the world, due to the male overpowering ego. These “problems” are totally created to serve the male ego tripping old patriarchs.
I noticed that women at a certain age are just not that impressed by men anymore and pretty cynical about the whole experience and that is why the pernicious male ignores or “dumps” her and searches for the innocent young ones that are still smiling, that still do not know much about life and that want to please and falls easily for the quite superficial intents of the male and may even be slightly impressed by the illusion they present, this, to make the male ego feel good.

This world, the way it’s set up is a male dream and a a female nightmare.

Love & Light




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