Posted by: Aya Thorgren | February 10, 2017

Education- Beware when used as a Tool of Manipulation

Only too many times have we seen examples of humans of higher education using their knowledge and elegant vocabulary to manipulate and control others of less literacy.

I assume that in their self- taken authoritarian role as supreme and more intelligent they also feel the right to tell people what to do since according to them people are, in their eyes, in dire need of someone to guide them due to a lack of culture and schooling.

How often haven,t we also seen these same people mix truths with convenient half – truths only to ensure a certain outcome which of course is always geared in their favor? Great mind tricks that ended up not being that intelligent.



Or using political positions uniquely to be in control of markets and facilitate their private enterprises with very little barely noticeable movements for the small income people who is paying for the party ?


Or talk about God, authority, obeying and spirituality mixed with song and nice verses with the purpose of manipulating funds or sex with children.


Love & Light




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