Posted by: Aya Thorgren | February 9, 2017

Reiki- Energywork – God,s Wisdom/ Higher Power Life Force Energy

My shoulder was giving me a lot of pain and the only one reason I could find was emotional, but I wasn’t,t sure exactly what I was feeling. Anger? Frustration? On the other hand I was feeling very optimistic on all other levels in my life so I knew that was not it, but more so I was amazed at how very powerful certain negative energy is and how it can manifest itself as actual physical pain in the body. What triggered the pain even more was when a neighbor and I put out a small forest fire created by some kids partying on the beach and we had to shovel fast and lift endless amounts of buckets with wet sand in them until the firemen showed up to finish the job and Thank God. Then one morning a few days ago I awoke in agony where no position of my arm was without immense pain, my friends gave me all kinds of pain soothing medicaments, God bless them and even brought me a gas tank since additionally my gas ran out ( my sweet earth Angels, bless your souls) and then my neighbor out of the blue mentions that he does Reiki (…>…) so I decide to pass the next day, and so he does this; He clears the energy of the place and the body with a burning incense, clears his energy with running water on his hands. Then he places his cold hand on the area of pain which was in my case the right shoulder and immediately you can feel the incredible heat that the pain carries and feel it rise and out, when the heat dissipates you can feel with each breath how that part relaxes, layer by layer and deeper in, until you feel completely relaxed, a moment after that, he places his left hand on my left shoulder, the feeling you get is of balance and “interplay ” of both points until perfectly balanced. This stillness enters and looking at it now, you are at the depth of the problem, at the core of the pain and the emotion behind it surges and literally wells up.


So I had this feeling of great deep sadness but right there I also knew the reasons and when my tears had stopped running and the emotion was over, I felt this great calm…
and the session was over. The coolest part about it was how the moment I knew where the sadness came from, and which emotion it was, and having healed the emotion by simply feeling it fully, the physical pain started to dissipate. I went to the ocean to clear out any vibes I didn’t,t need in the salty water detoxifying water, let the sun light hit my body and let myself relax and heal up even more.

What is Reiki?


❤️Grateful ❤️

Love & LIght



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