Posted by: Aya Thorgren | February 6, 2017

Stimulating Intelligence

People can be stimulated, preferably since young to think by themselves and be problem solvers.

Everyone can do it.
Everyone can raise themselves to higher realms and bring to this world great manifestations.
And come to understanding what is morally right and wrong.
Or what it is to have values.
And understand why, in the end, it’s extremely practical for you and your entire society to be moving with discipline and intelligence.

If not this Universal, great plan wouldn’t,t work out.

Delving consciously beyond the seen into the unseen remains a personal choice though, it just can,t be forced on people, but they should at least be aware of this possibility to awaken curiosity. For it has to come from an understanding of our immense personal power when consciously connected to the highest source of energy from which we are intricately connected to at all times, instead of grasping at loose ends that have no real foundation and are not fulfilling.

What many people call God, is this force field that we are all a part of and an extension of, whether you want to believe in it or not. Not believing, perceiving or not ever even having seen it, even at the corner of our eye, this field and our colorful personal fields ( auras ) and the energy field of other beings, is a sign of a limited perceptual mind and vision and this mental limitation only” cuts you off ” from the Source and this is like cutting yourself, mentally off our life force which is not such a comfortable feeling. This is when you experience separation, isolation and even despair. This is because you are taught to be 3 D and only 3 D in this world and everything in that dimension has an ending to it.
(Remember that we are not separate entities that have fallen onto Earth by accident, wandering around at hazard, bumping into people and things and destiny just ” happen” to us).

In higher dimensions you clearly perceive how everything escalates and transforms into something much more powerful.
You also understand that every event has a specific purpose in the awakening of humanity to fully embrace Love and loving as a way of being and living.
And that every ending is only the beginning of something new.
And that all the human friction is like birth pains before the new will emerge.


Envision yourself relaxing, take a deep breath, you will immediately feel how your whole body and field expands and connects with everything around you and just keeps moving. When you let go and let yourself and your love ” poof out” into eternity with no specific ending and out what you experience is this great feeling of happiness and connection to all that is.

In this mental place, or position in your mind and body, everything that goes through your head makes sense, you never feel alone and you experience joy and perfect peace.

There is just too much to be grateful for and to celebrate!

Love & Light



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