Posted by: Aya Thorgren | February 6, 2017

Soul mates – Spiritual Marriage

These kind of relationships find no need in signing earthly contracts but trigger one another to take steps into their dream, they take on different parts and different types of relationships, but the co- creation, whatever comes out of that spark , is the point, of why you meet and get things going. There is very high energy flowing in between you and when you meet its like you both charge up batteries and build up power. A lot of creativity is born in between you. What you trigger in each other is drive and fearlessness. It is sort of like that feeling you have when have less fear while swimming in the deep ocean with someone. When you are two you have the power of three when united into something higher. You feel strong and your connection intact. The concentration is so high, at times, that everything else fades away.


Even if you part ways, for reasons like cultural or even spiritual beliefs and other “mind related” problems, the essence of kindness, love, and forgiveness remains intact, the love you feel doesn,t change, only in intensity, regardless of the lessons learned with those people. If you are aware you will find that those lessons become the very cornerstones of much larger edifications, building rocks of enormous creative power and the answers to many solutions.


When you stand firmly as a rock, unmoved and supported by the entire Universe outer events are seen simply as learning lessons and it’s final positivity stands out clearly; whatever happens to me , happens to hundreds of millions of people, we have the problems and solutions in common and in this unity we will find strength.

Love & Light



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