Posted by: Aya Thorgren | January 31, 2017

Who causes the suffering on Earth?

In the beginning this place was a Paradise, full of trees, flowers, pure water and healthy foods, then humans came in and went for materialism, individualism, consumerism, sex and the search of power, prestige and dominance. THAT is the cause of pollution, dirty water sources, radiation, physical and mental disease, poverty, violations, war, negativity and all the suffering. It’s not the Creator who likes to torture people and watch them die.

Humans have all the knowledge within that they need but they also came with a free will, you can choose what you want to experience and most people will only go for the material, the things they can see. The source of all creation is on higher unseen dimensions that are within and a part of you (when that thought pops into your mind), if you do things for someone and with a bigger purpose, it will go better for you than when you only think of yourself.

That is why some humans with time to time, come to this Earth with the purpose and giant task of trying to get humanity back on track, for their own best, finding the source of problems and coming with simple, corrective solutions.



The only thing that holds humanity back from the changes is their own unwillingness to change, to live simpler, to blow less money on stupid things, share more of themselves, at least not disrespect others and their source of strength during difficulties, while on the other hand not moving a finger for no one which once again, I repeat, is the source of all the problems.




Love & Light



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