Posted by: Aya Thorgren | January 30, 2017

Alcohol- the Root of many Evils

Alcohol, albeit promoted, legal in many countries and in some places even monopolized by governments has an evil effect more than relaxing people until reaching a total and severe state of unconsciousness and loss of bran cells. It is the root cause of many diseases, including cancers due to its acidity, it is the cause of violence, accidents, rape, the root cause of many unplanned pregnancies and infidelities and overall, if you look at it closely, it is a great tool for causing chaos within society. It is the drug of the industrialized revolution, a way to keep people happy, euphoric and maybe even a little tired not to stir things up.

Just like any substance, if consumed in small amounts it can be pleasant and if it is natural, it can even be healthy. Thus to illegalize every single substance that, if consumed in excess would be harmful, is ludicrous and trying to control what people do, ridiculous.

Using your very own judgement you can stay away from harm by avoiding to consume toxic substances at all or at least when not convenient. Just like rape affects the psyche of a person for life, an addiction to alcohol is severe and life lasting, people that can,t control it just cannot have a drink or two ever, once they start, they can,t stop. This is heavy. Not at all like in the commercials. Don,t get there.


Love & Light



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