Posted by: Aya Thorgren | January 29, 2017

Stand up for Something- Take a Stand

Flakiness, superficiality and a standoffish neutrality is becoming more and more common. This is usually born out of commercial ties, employment and the physical need to survive (where the employer goes against all ethics, but then to find someone who doesn,t nowadays is almost impossible)or plain disinterest, fear and ignorance but it is also seeping into the personal relationships. People just don,t have strong opinions or even their own dreams, it is like they give up before they even started. Everyone is just “playing it safe”. There is no common purpose, not even within romantic partnerships which makes life sort of boring. If your tie is not deeper than sex or children the likelihood that the relationship won,t hold is huge, you can get sex everywhere, procreate children with pretty much anyone, but not a missive devotion.

You need someone special for that.
Someone devoted.Someone deep. Someone intelligent.Someone warm.

The other day I was introduced to a man that I have just seen at a distance with a powerful (inner power) and very good woman I know and so I mentioned, how nice, are you guys going out? And he is like, oh…yes, no, it,s like sometimes..back and forth…
…?…. All I could think of was this, DUDE…she is worth so much more than some guy who is not even sure and I bet, knowing her that she is like totally and fully in love and there for him a 100%, for sure. Bastard. And if he was saying that to not close doors to possible opportunities then let me tell you, you don,t have a chance with women like me.

Women like me like fearless REAL MEN that take a stand with the goal to make things happen.

No bullshit. No flakiness. No excuses.


Love & Light




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