Posted by: Aya Thorgren | January 26, 2017

Women and Socialwork- Men and Business

Men spend much more time on business affairs than the women, even when women do business they tend to take on more tasks and responsibilities than men and want to do them perfectly and without asking for help, putting much more inner pressures on themselves than the average male who takes things much lighter and is focused on delegating tasks. That means the male chooses and decides to do certain things over others. Men can go with houses unclean for months, this is unthinkable for most women who can,t think straight when things are all over the place and much less cook. Men have also been known to totally detach from their children as if nothing had happened and just go on with their lives and focus on business as usual, now this is also more common in men than women but once again unthinkable for most women. Family always comes first. Women are so bogged down with routines that they start to hate it, every single part of it and here in Latinamerica the women only too often get out their frustrations over the child, a child is commanded and put into place, they,re not even allowed to make a mess without punishment and the men don,t participate much in child rearing more than commanding to the left and right and hallucinating over the real costs of bringing up children as if they weren,t prepared. I suggest sharing certain tasks to liberate yourself. For example, get a smaller house or buy yourself a cleaning robot and when you do community work, get everyone involved, don,t just do it all yourself, very few people appreciate the things they take for granted, like a clean beach, or clean water, so have them put in hours too to understand than nothing and especially not, in this case, women,s work, comes for free.

The other day I heard a man saying that he is so great at saving himself, even if all the water on earth was dirty he would find the clean water, for himself, and how he can defend his s-t like you can,t believe, the house he is in is his wife’s and she had to leave for work ( since he can only save himself, of course which is great, at least he is doing that) but he considers it his since he pays the bills etc etc and on top of it he is like looking for a woman, because now since she is gone, he needs one… I just wanted to puke. Like, really….I even wrote a song about it.

That to me explains moreover why women at a certain age look tired while the men still seem refreshed. Considering that the intelligent male is by nature lazy his immediate goals are making enough money to pay for others to do the work he doesn,t want to waste his time on. And great, his woman works AND does things at home out of pure loveliness! Thus he doesn,t burn out as fast unless, of course, he delves into indulging in unhealthy things. But don,t expect this type to be at your side in harsh times. And as you noticed she is expected to share her house and etc BUT he doesn,t feel that he has to be faithful or anything. Now that is so wrong. Had she done the same she would have been a bitch, the people would have been shocked and the guy just wouldn’t allow it.

Considering the amounts of women who never had any support so that they could fulfill a career and take care of children ( although you somewhat need to do that around the same time) unless putting the children in the care of others, (which for many, considering their income becomes redundant and everyone doesn,t live in Sweden) only too many women, were never allowed to fulfill their bigger dreams. And if a guy gets a woman pregnant, you can be almost a 100% sure he was hunting her down, sweet talking her, convincing her and then expecting that the average working class women or student ( women make much less than men and are offered less opportunities) to additionally pay for pills and condoms only to be able to satisfy a guys sex drive anytime, all the time and with no thinking involved. This is why I always
laugh when I hear those shocked words of men, even in commercials: -I can,t believe it, how did this happen?

It is not fair to bring children to this world and having no plan, personal or global, which is reflected in the sadness, disillusion and depressions of the adolescents that nowadays are considered normal, along with that men and women now like to experiment sex with the same sex and that is also normal and many other normal things I just have a difficulty swallowing. Material wealth is not all children need but also love, emotional support, guidance, smiles, breastmilk, non toxic foods, clean water and air.


Add to that the changes of the elder generations that after their sacrifices within the industrial revolution have no energy, fitness, health or even any urge to be a big part of watching grandchildren grow up, for any reason, coming out of a pretty cold emotional era where united family and life has been sacrificed for endless amounts of divorces, traveling, material things, wine cheese and other comforts. Thinking about the future and clean air is just too exhausting for them and since the “death focused “society we live in count every minute of possible life after toxic living, people just want to have fun and try to enjoy their free time as much as possible until they fall over.
Pondering upon consequences is just not part of short term thinking.

So, if the humans don,t care, who will?

Lo tienen por loco- Jesus didn,t get along with his parents sp.

Love & Light




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