Posted by: Aya Thorgren | January 21, 2017

Men and Men and Men

Men choose men in all positions, in all working relations, in all lists of awards, prices and other. When a woman makes it into the lists it’s because of the equality rights laws and feeling a little sorry for the feminine branch, because there is just as many amazing female brains as there is male, we just never get to hear about them, and this is done purposefully.

That obviously doesn,t mean your, re less because you are a woman.

If women did the same there would be an uproar and enormous indignation and we would have whole army of civil rights defenders demonstrating across all nations.

So get with it.


You choose to distribute the wealth and excluding half of the population, purposefully and rather brutally if you ask me. It’s additionally very clear and obvious.
Certain fields that are of great convenience for the entertainment of men may be blown up to the extreme, offered and presented to the female masses and the rest hidden so that unless your,re an ambitious “warrior” type and relentless you will be “placed ” where they find it convenient. Sometimes when I want to do certain things I keep hearing, oh…that is not really a job for a woman….wtf does that mean?

When the women do the exact same, trusting and working only with men you only feed the differences.

Men are offered cash and women are given shitty credit.
Men like to handle big amounts of money and women barely knows what it is to invest.
Men also like to decide and opinionate over women’s wealth, if he gets a chance, even if he didn’t make that money, this is a cultural male chauvinistic problem, as if a women couldn’t figure out her own life or as if her female life is doomed to slavery. Women are treated like second hand citizens and accepting it, since, also by culture, women seldom speak up.


Women that stand by other women does barely exist due to our cultural competitive procreative training, women come into the working areas but by cultural training still play on sexuality making them in many ways irreliable and a great distraction for simple mortal super sexed men, more than a working asset.

Like when someone take my words and ideas only to make millions and win every global price, I myself, break down all the world systems.

Without thinking about it twice.

So join in Women of Power!


Love & Light



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