Posted by: Aya Thorgren | January 20, 2017

First World Country People Problems

It is amazing to see the specific type of problems we develop depending on our upbringing. People that have everything have their very own set of problems. And they tend to forget that they have no real problems or even create problems out of nothing.

When you can do everything it’s good to decide what it is you should focus on that would greatly enhance your life and make decisions that make you live without guilt and move forwards in life, powerfully. I have noticed that in the midst of economical greatness people tend to appreciate the non- material things less and thus the unhappiness. It’s one thing using and appreciating practical things, like a washing machine or solar power and another worshipping and doing anything to have gold and diamonds. Drugs, legal and illegal have become an essential part of middle class life. Volatile emotions due to toxins in alcohol, drugs, air, water and processed foods makes it extra difficult to experience peaceful family moments. The nutritional, chemical imbalances by insufficiently fulfilling diets may even possibly enhance the urge to replace these chemicals and the following emotions experienced, with drugs. An environment that doesn,t inspire natural euphoria may be another reason. All these synthetically triggered emotions and people’s choice to live like the living dead, surrounded by things, ambulating like zombies from one superficial event to the next in a boring square environment is just not fulfilling, or doing all these crazy destructive things in a wild state of drunkeness. You,ll only come back to the exact spot you started at until you make the right decisions.

Material is finite while all the other dimensions infinite so the highest levels of living originate and lie on higher planes.
This is where true happiness lies.

For example, when you pray it’s your connection to God that counts, not which church you belong to, nor how you approach God, a church is not unlimited in space nor knowledge, but God is.
It’s not important to go to church at specific days, dress in a certain way and etc, etc, (even if certain diets do enhance a clearer connection) but to be always connected with God, in dignity, and be living proof of it through your everyday acts.
Do appreciate and be grateful to all Gods messengers and prophets but do not worship them. They are one part of the whole just like you are.

Be your own power.

Be kind. Be love. Be peace.


Love & Light



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