Posted by: Aya Thorgren | January 20, 2017

Confusing Communication

There is clear, concise messaging and another type which blends truth with untruths and thus has no direction nor is there any particular point in the communication.

All it does, which may be the only purpose, is confuse the reader or listener.
If you look at it positively, it may help you to sharpen your mind and discern truths.
It becomes like a game with traps.

This phenomena of confusing communication happens when a problem is pinpointed and emotionally enhanced but without showing the solution…? 😱
Or they say one thing and then the exact opposite…? 🙄

Or saying one thing and doing another…?

It sort of leaves you hanging in the air…🤔

Be aware of such articles, books, scientific tests, news feeds, lyrics, political speeches or scriptures and learn to draw out the important parts and discard the rest.

Learn to investigate thoroughly about subjects and listen to your intuition, when something feels wrong, it is wrong.


Love & Light




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