Posted by: Aya Thorgren | January 9, 2017

What, s RIGHT with You

Our society tends to focus on what we are missing, or what we don,t have, rarely do we find anyone pretty much content with what they have, or even grateful for what they have managed to do up until now.

Curvy women want to be skinny, skinny women curvy, blonds want to be brunettes and brunettes blond, those with straight hair want curly hair and those with curly, straight. Intelligent women wish they could put their guard down and be more down – to earth and wild, and wild physical women wish they had more brains. Men wish they were women and women men. Young people wish they were wiser and old people wish they were young, and when you,re young they ask you for more experience but then, when you finally have it, then you,re too old…Everything was always better in the past, but no one appreciated it then…

So when someone finds a “problem” with you, unless justified, look at it as a perceptual problem, because someone will always try and find problems ( without necessarily come with solutions or even be an example) and certain people find problems with just about everything.


Just keep moving.

Love & Light




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