Posted by: Aya Thorgren | January 8, 2017

Male Sensitivity

Male sensitivity is very real and very important for the evolution of humanity. Males feel huge pressures and worries being the designated earthly protector, the provider, the facilitator etc etc. so when you are in a relationship, just like when there is a global disconnect and confusion, there may be like a wall of coldness, friction, tension and inflexibility due to our expected positions of the male and female depending on cultures, don,t forget this and try to be aware of and handle those emotions that come up. Women, one time of the month, when bleeding, connect with the painbody of all the worlds and deal with transmuting and transforming many energies. It’s good to give yourself space and meditate on things. It is a very powerful time. Men and women are totally energetic and telepathic so trying to deceive someone is definitely going to fail and really, if we want so much to be with someone, why not try and tune in, be respectful and enjoy it, instead of finding a problem with everything, because then you also have the other option, to stick to yourself until you feel better and your vibe is higher.

Putting large pressures and decisions into a higher unlimited force like The Creator/ God, helps a lot, you immediately relax, things literally fall into place in areas that you were unaware of, obstacles are removed, solutions found and things start flowing.

You want to capture the flow and the only way to do it is by feel…do you feel that this is right?


Love & Light



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