Posted by: Aya Thorgren | January 8, 2017

Conduits of Light

Some humans just are not as great conduits of light and high energies as others, they unconsciously block flows, the inflow of intelligence and universal interconnectedness with certain clogging diets, fears, prejudicious attitudes, envies, jealousies and other negative emotions, thus humanity today doesn,t stand a chance against anything from the “outside” considering the low vibrations, “weak” connections and an abrupt slowing down of light speed solutions and real tangible shifts of our species and then add the total disconnect with our Planet. We are just not unified enough. The energies are dispersed. You can, t be worrying about the ” color” of humans or whether your group is “better”than the other right now, if men are “better” than women, or if humans are smarter than plants, it’s just too simple and primitive.

We are so much more powerful and intelligent than that.

It,s like your watching a few lights blinking here and there, but the connections are broken so it’s not as clear nor is the impact of these few that powerful, until they start lighting up their surroundings and the spaces in between, those large fields of darkness, until other lights are reached , making everything shine brighter and the total of energies moving with same vibration, and then heightened.
A fully functioning grid of light.
And what if these could somewhat be aligned with earthly grids?
And then to other, to us unseen and more vast universal fields…

Then you can start to make things happen.

There have been very advanced civilizations here since the “beginning”, so time has probably not anything to do with developing intelligence or intelligent tools but a profound concentrated search for the right information (patterns of energy in space) may do it.


Love & Light



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