Posted by: Aya Thorgren | January 7, 2017

Developing your senses

We should be focusing on enhancing and developing our senses instead of dampening them. It will enhance your life in every aspect and help you ensure your survival. To feel, smell, touch, listen and taste, for example, are all very subtle but powerful tools and extensions of our awareness that are also truly practical and pleasant if throughly recognized and appreciated.


All these humming machines and discordant sounds ” cut” the highest natural harmonies and thus the peace of mind, creating immediate tension and stress, interruption in our thoughts and concentration causing a deliberate isolation and insensitivity to incoming energies cutting them all off as to create a ” bubble”, with a slight or immediate sensation of being on the defense, protective, almost like an animal in panic ( which how pretty much how every wild animal do react to intense sound vibration).


People need to learn how to let their guard down and let the good vibes seep in while cutting out the negative ones. To not feel fear to feel and express oneself to someone whom we by instinct trust and won,t turn around and fight you with that information.

Feel the vibes of a situation, analyze a little bit, smell the air and taste the answer.

Love & Light



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