Posted by: Aya Thorgren | January 6, 2017

Idolatry – or daring to go in your direction?

There is no point in trying to be like, or copy someone else since we are all totally and completely different. It would be frustrating and for absolutely no reason. You will find your highest power and contentment when sitting deeply rooted within your true self which is also a very safe place that does not depend on outer events. Look to your Self for answers. Instinct ant intuition, meditate on guidance and answers.

Every time you look to the outside for for example protection, health or approval you may become very vulnerable to possible dangers.

Why limit yourself?
Why be a follower when you have leadership rooted within only waiting to be recognized and used?
Why listen too much to what others, that may just not understand what you’re saying, think about you and what your are doing?

There is a way of life that is not humiliating, stressful or cruel and it’s worth following its lead. You can get a lot more done with extreme, concentration and joyful exhilaration in a beautiful, living space and within a shorter time span than running around maniatically with a frantic approach experiencing unreasonable fears, constant emotional crises and extremely stressful paranoias of materialistic and other loss, difficulty handling everyday tasks, caught in the routine and drudgery with a dormant dooms day mentality.


Love & Light





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