Posted by: Aya Thorgren | December 31, 2016


The average person thrives on humiliating others, if they get a possibility, so do not expect people to have an understanding of your situation or anything like that. Most people don,t have the intellectual capacity to delve into systematized problematics or understand the actual origin of the problems, nor do they really care. What they mostly do, is live under constant fear of stepping out of their comfort zones, they feel there is not much they can do to change things in society nor in other people’s lives and much less see that the way they do things is a part of the problem.


So, value yourself what you,re coming with even if apparently no one else does. Once you,re not that available or helpful in all those little things that no one appreciates anyways, you, ll have more time to make giant shifts on all levels.


Love & Light




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