Posted by: Aya Thorgren | December 30, 2016

True Love, Peace of Mind and Male Chauvinism just isn’t, compatible

To try and put yourselves in the situation of what it’s like for women here in Latinamerica, let me share what this “educated”  Chilean president of Asociación de Exportadores y Manufacturas de Chile ( Asexma) , gave an ” educated ” politician in the presence of two male presidencial candidates, as a Christmas gift; a blow up doll for sexual entertainment with a piece of paper taping her mouth shut that said: to stimulate the economy….

This event clearly show the Latin perception of women (and may even reflect the average thought that the majority of males have of females worldwide); a naked sexual doll  and object that should keep her mouth shut and should be available and used whenever this man decides he wants to for entertainment and be “put away ” until he needs her next time.


It clearly shows the lack of political, transparent action within these countries in matters of education, equality, human rights and democracy. It may seem like it on paper, but the reality is totally different. The male use of control, threats and manipulation is also commonly used in the Latino world to pressure for taxes and charges even when corruption is extremely high and politicians delve into drug connections and money laundering while buying the judges, augmenting security costs that they, of course, charge the people for, and this without having provided a viable way of making money yet, or even functioning roads. Women have to do all kinds of miracle things to keep up and female dignity has simply been taken out by the culture. Women are presented these great opportunities, to pay extremely high interests on bank loans to pay up for the continuous lack of development in these countries where most of the budget is used to upkeep the system and the hierarchy luxurious salaries and if you consider the slow, bureaucratic environment, the probability that they make it are very slim. In my opinion they are literally used as “the- last -resort -slaves” to pay up for a lacking organization by the immature male chauvinist society in developing countries while thinking they are being helped and additionally being grateful to the male society. The women do the work, the men get the glory, as usual. A male chauvinist will by nature not promote female independence unless pressured by outer forces and then they will still try and limit her trying to make invisible her efforts and devaluing her work.

The need to control and subject the woman to any male chauvinists critics of what to do, how to do it, decide whether she is a saint or a whore or wanting to define if she is capable of handling money and power and how much of it, is a clear sign of weakness and insecurity of someone mediocre with low ambitions that desperately wants to be ” the King ” but since he may not be at the height and those positions are limited, at least he can pretend to be one at home with his closest and in his working environment. What is important to this type of man, regardless, is that the women be ” below”, that the woman be in control of what and especially how she says and does things, she should be light, entertaining, smiley, forever grateful no matter what and submissive, while the man should be in the position to be able to make or break her. Since many societies and cultures have it ingrained since a young age how to behave, both men and women, now will come a time when those paradigms will change, it will be accepted that a woman is powerful and can handle large sums of money ( that our Mother Earth is power not something you just rape of its sources)and not someone who should simply shake her butt, be superficial, pleasant, service inclined, empty brained and on a perpetual search for a savior ( which is the image they are selling us since forever; if you are sexy and ” slutty” and keeping it at that, then we will facilitate your ascendance, and even make you think you didn’t,t sleep your way to the top, and that you are a free woman because you have some money, but if you think and want to make an impact or changes, we,ll make your life hell and corner you), and that men cry and show vulnerability at times. It is an essential part of being human and having a feeling heart and a man cannot love all the way, the way it was intended, without a feeling, sensitive heart.


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