Posted by: Aya Thorgren | December 13, 2016

A Crude Reality

I understand why the younger generation do not really search for serious partners because the fantasy of a “pure, great and true” love or just staying there hovering in the first days of falling in love, when there is stilll mystery is so much better than the possible crude reality of a real, other, personality that may be seriously distraught and suffering by the evils of our society and it,s repercussions and then add the sexuality, the way pornography just ruined the feel and really making true love and connecting with someone seeming something very distant in our current relationships.

Then add the material side, in a relationship you give and thus if you have nothing or very little to give, then it gets stressful, for example japanese people just don,t date for example, it is too expensive, add the rising cost of living in an unnatural place like the city where everything has to be bought, where more and more people live at a distance due to work; does not helps in the ” connection” of human beings.

Our society and extremely materialistic life styles cause a real, palpable, separation in humanity, on personal and global levels.

This lifetstyle lacks heart which possibly explains depressions, feelings of loneliness and even despair.

There is nothing more distrurbing than seeing couples in classical, romantical settings, like on the beach or in a tropical paradise and the girl is sitting with the cell phone doing all kinds of stuff…?

It is as if there is no respect any more and certainly no romance.

They will only be asking themselves:

-Now, why are we doing this again?

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  • Just the thought of having children is like almost terrifying considering the lack of concrete action within the industries in the clean energy source aspect having caused global heating, augmenting the amounts of hurricanes and natural disasters in a serious way and a bad economy with futures of possible horror, making it not that easy to relax and enjoy life, if you know what I mean.
  • We just do not want a medicated youth, full of fears and tensions, that is all.
  • Leave some nature in between the buildings for peace of mind, aromatherapy and oxygen to fuel the body and brain with pleasant emotions so that humans remember what it is like to feel with the heart.


Love & Light




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