Posted by: Aya Thorgren | December 9, 2016

Liberalism- Choose your freedoms well

I find  that many within the “feministic rebellion and liberation group” limit themselves to wild amounts of liberal sex, dirty words and naughty gestures which is only too convenient and an obvious male chauvinistic mind trick that will create absolutely no empowerment or respect for women nor make any difference in how women are treated, only because it is like women trying to act like men, to be nasty, careless, irresponsible and free like men, not women putting their foot down so that they are allowed to be what they are, real women.

Women are invited to lower themselves into slow, dense vibrations instead of truly freeing the women from the traditional bonds of  perpetual slavery and creating a real change in society.

All this only creates is more children with single mothers, more abortions and more sex consumerism and more people on medication.


Love & Light




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