Posted by: Aya Thorgren | December 9, 2016

Fearing Change

It is amazing how people fear change, they will fight it will all that they have got. Supressed women for example still think that men are the ones that make the decisions, but if you look at the situation and choices that men have made during history their “style” may not be in the best interest of humanity.

So, if you are person that is bringing change, people may hate it, even if it is for the betterment of society and it is better for all of humanity, they may resent everything your are doing, getting them out of that comfort zone that they knew so well into uncharted territory where the senses and instincts are in need of sharpening.People have taken on these set roles and if you start breaking the pattern, people may feel uncomfort while other will take on to free themselves.


Society has ingrained certain expectations on specific groups, fixed, implanted actions so if a young person shows wisdom, guidance and leadership or a woman take on positions of active power, this may be disconcerting and many people may have a difficulty to accept this due to their limited minds.

That is their perceptive problem.

Just keep doing what you are doing.

Love yourself.

Don,t burn yourself out in the process, it is a long run.

Give yourself some credit and attention, don,t forget about yourself in the process.

There are times to move and times to rest.

Rest fully and completely so that when you move, your movements are powerful.

Love & Light




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