Posted by: Aya Thorgren | December 5, 2016

Safe Structures on a Moving planet

We need structures , roads, bridges and building materials of preferably recycled materials from ocean and earth, that are less rigid. Rigid enough to uphold but flexible enough to move when needed, if that is possible.

Earth is a living, moving being that readjusts and balances herself and her continents, sort of like humans, when they stretch. Hurricanes for example are created when hot air from ocean water meets the colder air above and possibly help to regulate temperatures on this planet.

We should try and focus on ways of working with our Earth and “restrict” her as little as possible by not fixing so many totally unflexible points throughout large areas, for example when cementing and ashalting down every square foot of a cummunity, including the backyards.

It is shocking to see how our societies and the lack of practical regulations by the governments have been playing with the climate and environment, purposefully risking the lives of people.

Bad, negative vibes do not help a person, a community, a nation or the world at large.

At all.

The affectation is on all levels.

Physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual.

Be careful with what you think, say and do.

All of this affects everything.

Love your planet and The Source, this powerful pure energy does not depend as much on you as you on “it”.

If you reject and resent something it is like you are expulsing yourself away from it.

The planet flushes herself with water just like we do.

Polluted “negative ”  and “tense” areas will react and be cleansed.

Plant more, argue less.

Protect your air and water sources- your life depends on it.

When you love your nature, it protects you.

Does the earth, just like the body, have “pressure-points” that are interconnected throughout the body so that if you affect one point and cause pain to it, it affects other, distant places?


So would a massive destructive  “experiment” in a “remote” place have repercussions in other areas?

F0r sure.


Love & Light





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