Posted by: Aya Thorgren | November 22, 2016

Women- Stand Up

If according to the latest news women will not have equal rights until 170 years from now, taking into consideration the small baby steps reached within this area, it is about time women stand up and demand these democratic rights.

This entails uniting.

There seems to be a huge gap in between what “democratic” and “other” countries promise to do and what they actually do.

It is like those eternal political promises of change that seldom or never happen. We are walking around in a “middle age style “society with a few fancy decorations in the background which gives people the false impression of advancement when we can clearly perceive the deplorable state of human affairs when dealing with basically anything and specifically basics, like peace of mind and securing the food supplies.

I additionally also read that women are more meticulous and detail-oriented while men are great at general ideas. Subsequently there should be more women making important decisions because they focus on each and every detail of things. As we can see today many important basic needs are left in the air by the male group such as clean air, pure water and foods for the next upcoming generations, plants and wildlife to exchange oxygen, good vibes with and generate inner peace, trust and a feeling of belonging to something large. A great example is the situation here in Latinamerica where every institution of the state has the lastest car model but they “forgot” to make the road first which is the key to secure driving and affordable national transportation…??

Women cannot be falling into the sexist trap of judging all attractive women as perpetual serpents while avoiding confronting their sexually uncontrollable males with no will power whatsoever.

If I can control my sexual instinct and desires then so can the men, although they may no be used to it by cultural programming.

Women have to avoid stupid cat fights and be jealous of other women success when the world is at stake.

Every woman has their power and strength and so does every man, now, with intelligence there should be some sort of collaboration or team work going on figuring things out, now is the time to even out the differences and get going.

It is absoluteley wrong that economy and environment has to be separate, in fact, the economy is totally and completely depending on the environment so every business can be a good business as as long as it is aligning with nature and has respect for each living being.

This is a possibility.

Anyone that claims anything different is a lier.

Even and specifically in business it is good to be open to all cultures and changes unless you and your closest friends are going to be the only ones buying what you offer.

You want to open your market, not close it.

Judge less. Serve more.

Choose well to whom you want to give your money when creating and consuming.

To be a woman in power means being firm without having to impose fear which is the despotic tool of the patricarchy.

We just stick with the inner and outer power backed by something immense, The Truth.

So Women, I encourage you to take your place on Spaceship Earth.

We need you. All of you.


Love & Light




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