Posted by: Aya Thorgren | November 19, 2016

How to make a Mad World into something that makes Sense

If you look around, the world at large seems chaotic and disorganized, there is a lot of fear and a childish avoidance of responsabilities, like for example to simply maintain a livable climate for our species, so that it will survive.

When sitting in the negative flows of negative events, the body is tense, defensive and ready to flee any dangers.

Once you realize it and discover that uncomfortable feeling and the source of it, you can “detach” from it by coming back to your self that is calm, through breath and use your intelligence to understand it so that you can use that force and deflect it back, Bruce Lee- style and turn any adversity into your advantage, which is not only your born right but also your duty.

Evil and “bad” people can be cut off and totally ignored, but of course, “vampiric” energies need you to thrive so it will come back and continue for as long as you give it attention and as long as society conveniently permits it and even encourages it. But even is your whole society worships and defends evil acts and negative ways you always have the excellent choice to break down the whole system by revealing the weaknesses and then proceed with showing them how to do it right


Love & Light




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