Posted by: Aya Thorgren | November 15, 2016

Humans yearn to be loved

Everyone, deep, inside just yearn to be loved, to be accepted, appreciated and feel part of something to feel happy.

This certain groups that are not included like most women and many others, people for example that are born into poverty, will find it more difficult to perceive that happiness unless it is a totally detached from reality;  I- am- going -to -enjoy- this- regardless -happiness.

Anger and resentment and reactionary states always stem from something because there is never smoke without fire.

In a superficial culture noone listens, there is no deep dialogue, no search for answers or solutions.

Talking to people, even family members and parents can be experienced as talking to a wall, it goes in one ear and out the other and the answer is usually totally unrelated to the question or answered with a blank silence as if they couldn,t even bother to analyze the question.

This is what makes humans despair.

How can we find solutions if noone even bothers to understand the question?

Indifference or fears that things will never change come from a lack of perspective, of having seen things from one angle  all life and being unable to capture or envision  the other 359 degrees or worse, people that love to super impose their fears unto others. Humans are creatures of habit and have an affinity to things and events they recognize, if it comes in a different shape or form they may not “understand”,  perceive or “see” it.


Love & Light




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