Posted by: Aya Thorgren | November 6, 2016

Survival is a choice and so is Death

Some people just cannot see the beauty in this place and will leave.

At the cusp of big decisions in America, decisions that could start a third world war due to the stubborn ego centered trips of certain occidental  economical forces (which care very little of human lives or the purity ( non-contamination) of this beautiful planet) I can see how materialism in its most disgusting shape and form will possbily inherit only death and destruction for the younger generations if they choose to continue this way.


This choice is what makes me upset and sad for those who make that choice but I can also see that the ones that care will live and in there lies the miracle.

Native American prophecy : “Drunvalo:  It looks as if the outer environment we live in will completely and totally die, and everything in it. We are going to come to that stage. So it is going to look hopeless. My angels didn’t show me that part of it. All they would say is that you are going to witness in your life a place where it looks like it is just over. Then this “thing” is going to happen. And the world situation is going to be quickly and completely turned around .
Marie: In the workshop you spoke about “waves” of people who will die. Can you explain what you were talking about?
Drunvalo: The waves are spoken about in Native American prophecy. There was an American Indian from a long time ago that was allowed to go to all the various tribes – mostly in the United States and to the secret societies (the Grandmother societies) and to collect and write down the prophecies from these tribes to find out what they had in common. He found one thread which ran through all the prophecies which talks about the time which is approaching. There are three waves of people on the earth who are said to die in a very short amount of time. I don’t know what that is about exactly, but when I was reading about it, it felt like it occurs in about 10 days time. Something very quick, something VERY BIG happens and kills an enormous number of people.
Outwardly it looks horrible. It could be Atomic war, the bird flu, or who knows what. Outwardly, to the survivors, it looks like a catastrophe, but inwardly the people who leave this way have planned it. They want to leave, and they want to leave together. When they collect over the top of the earth, the first wave goes to a specific place in time/space/dimension so they can be with their own kind. Because they are not really in tune with the Earth, they can be in harmony together (elsewhere).
Then it is said that there is another bigger change coming with another wave of people leaving the planet. Again this is by choice on the inner levels -.not a kind of suicide- but on the inner these people know something is about to occur and they come together in order to go to another place in space/time.
Then there is a third wave where a massive amount of people die. This group called “hitchhikers” in the prophecies does not know where their home is so they leave, looking for that place and eventually they do find there home.
After these waves pass, there are only millions (not billions) of people left in the world – a much smaller number. The people that are left over will come together in one heart, according to Native American prophecy. They become as one living being. Regardless of race or religion, all the divisions are dropped and the remaining people become as one family. Then, with this new found higher consciousness, those that are left take the earth and they fly it – as if the earth is turned into a space ship which is flown to a new place, and a beautiful new way of living emerges on earth. The prophecies actually use the word, space ship.
Marie: So the actual earth is used as a space ship… so do you mean Mother Earth is going to clean herself in this process?
Drunvalo: Yes, everything is solved. We totally fix everything through pure Consciousness, not through technology or anything like that, but through our very being. From a Melchizedek point of view, we actually change orbit.” 
Love & Light


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