Posted by: Aya Thorgren | October 27, 2016

Open Your Mind

What if we don,t need spaceships?

What if we could navigate our Earth or at least attract only positive events thus be guided and moved in the right direction at all times?

What if all we need is for humanity to unify in something higher than mere 3 D things and separations, could we “meet up” in a higher place and try and flow this living being through the Universe?



With this I am trying to say that lift your eyes off the path and look around, things may not at all be like they say or what people assume.

You probably got what it takes because the Creator made everything in a genious way.

You probably have what you need or it would have been imperfect.

You have way more power than you think you do.

Take it and use it responsably.

Purify mind and body.

Still your mind.

Let yourself receive.


Share with the World.


Love & Light




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