Posted by: Aya Thorgren | October 19, 2016

Stay Real

If, according to all involved in the porn- industry, it is just a fantasy and not real, neither are the computer games, nor the horror movies, or anything visually created by man, we should question why we yearn so much to avoid this reality, like, what is wrong with this pulsating, vibrating ” plant- place”?


How much time do you want to spend in your life focusing on things that are not real…?


Especially when, regardless of being real or not, have been proven to have an endless  list of negative effects on humans and society overall.

Or why confuse real events with un-real ones until diffusing and eradicating the difference while creating chaos and enormous vulnerability?

Something that additionally creates separation, mental insanity and un-trust.


A synthetic society gone beyond a very limited material reality, highly limited compared to the natural, superconscious, infinite, undefinable and unseen where we can co-create everlasting shifts.

You may feel tension and anxious due to an outer event captured by the subconscious but in calming and tuning in your emotional state and grounding yourself, you also shift and calm the outer events.

Love & Light




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