Posted by: Aya Thorgren | October 10, 2016

A Powerful Prayer

When I was 19 years old I met someone very powerful, a black and totally unknown man that carried a lot of information and taught me a new way of meditation, Mr Mc Gruder. He gave me this prayer and now I give it to you so that you may be protected from all evils and be able to turn your problems into blessings.

Prayer for Protection

Father, Mother, God – I affirm that I am cleared and cleansed of any and all negativity from within and without, that it be sent back to its source of emanation and encapsulated in the Ultra-Violet Blue Light, Purple-Transmuting Flame, never again to interfere with, bother or pervade anyone in any shape or form or in anyway. I also affirm that I am encapsulated in the Pure White Light, for Love and Protection, Wisdom and Guidance, Health, Healing, Happiness, and Prosperity. I thank you for this Blessing, knowing that it has already been received, and that it is for my Highest Good.
I am also open and receptive to the Loving, Caring, Guiding Influences of my Inner Teachers, Guides and Masters, the Beings of Love and Light, willing and able to be with me during this day and night and at all times. I invite and accept the Higher and the Highest Energies into my life. So Be It.”


Love and Light



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