Posted by: Aya Thorgren | October 9, 2016


I think what truly affects us, stresses and ages us, is this frantic running. We put so many goals while others put “unfair” pressures on us, for example when a country is incapable of creating a funcioning base with real justice for its citizens, it makes them burdened with unnecessary problems and survival stress with the result of people ending up exhausted and burned out.


Sleep a lot. Decide a few tasks that need to be done now and leave the rest for later.

Play sometimes to loosen up and invite positive things. Do something unexpected to live the day differently, get more excited about the little things so that the path to “largeness” is a fulfilling and funfilled one.

Purity of body and mind give excellent results and is a key in the reception of important information so that we eventually can begin to coordinate the emotions on this planet.


Love & Light




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