Posted by: Aya Thorgren | October 9, 2016

Negativity, Shadows, Jinns and other Evils

When you feel weak and tired be careful not to let negative energies seep into you. IF this negativity takes over ( and you do not manage to revert it) it will try and take over your body and affect your life, even have you make the decision to finish it. This energy is sort of like a shadow entity, it is dense and not joyful or good in any way.

This is something that happens to many people and more often than you think. You will from one moment to the next feel faithless, as if there is no hope, no solutions, no tomorrow, you care about nothing and care less about yourself.

  1. Protect yourself immediately in the pure white light.Ask for the presence of God and Gods infinite love.Light a white candle. Say a prayer. Prayers invoke positive energies which are of the light and protective.
  2. Mentally, fill your room with angels.

If you feel that you for some reason cannot say a prayer, you have been ” jinxed” (A condition or period of bad luck that appears to have been caused by a specific person or thing.) by an outside force, some negative force is trying to affect your next decisions and your light, so do not let it. Take charge, seek God, The Creator Force, ask for Archangel Michaels protection.

This type of energy is very tiring and chaotic, no clear thoughts are ” permitted”. everything is refused and valuable time is lost.

After an attack you may need to sleep to recuperate.

This is what modern-day society calls depression and others call possession and it is our negative, non-inclusive society and people that feed it.


Envy and jealousy can provoke and create enormous negative vortexes and when that force is concentrated on a person it may feel like an arrow, or more like a rug is being pulled from under your feet, the energy in that person, unless aware of it and protected, shifts quickly debilitating the body and mind.

Our materialistic, superficial society has no heart nor compassion, thus it does not grasp understanding. They cannot see the human. They only see what you “got”. No matter how many times you explain the obvious reasons why people tend to have a great talent for inventing excuses and one of them is ithat you have to conform because that is how the world is.

That that is a total lie.

None of this is real nor eternal nor is it even important,but the love and soul of a human beings is.


So if you swim in wealth but are not happy and feel empty, it,s because you are.

Fill that space with You, God is within you.

Love & Light






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