Posted by: Aya Thorgren | October 8, 2016

Distinguish the diversions

Certain groups mix holy symbols and divine ideas with “negative control based energies”, with the result that some people get an aversion and take a distance to certain powerful energetic structures. They create a separation of superiority, which is illusory and they work on creating fear, which is illusory, sort of as a mental trap, so that you possibly descend into other choices and deviate your destiny and do not fulfill your highest path.

Cut aways the  un-truths.


Read the signs, distinguish where a message has been distorted, feel what you see.

Things are many times not what they seem.

You can skip the surface or dive deep into the ocean of knowledge that is within and without.

As above, so below.

You can only go so far when not connected with the Light.

Love & Light




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