Posted by: Aya Thorgren | September 28, 2016

The loving & intelligent male

The Creator Souce sometimes manifests itself to me as a loving, intelligent ” fatherly” energy. An actively creative energy that joyfully guides, in case you need it and asks for help but leaving you to explore and experience your very personal view (using your own will -power and angle) which is very important for the whole. In many aspects you are like the “missing piece” of the puzzle and have many, very personal powers you should take time to explore!

The highest path is ” crazier” and way more entertaining and mysterious than the “not so great pathways” or ” not that interesting or fulfilling roads” where experience is flat and not multisensorial.

If you are not feeling a rush you are not standing fully in the flow.

Realign your self.


We can manifest angelic love unto this planet if we let ourselves become this type of transmittors, when you feel angry, you tighten and retract, when you feel love you release and expand.In this relaxed state you have a much larger impact on your surroundings. It is a much more welcoming state.

Sometimes it is time to look at oneself and see when you started to hate yourself, when someone convinced you you were,nt good enough in their eyes or didn,t deserve living in dignity or self -love.

Remember that  you are loved and that you have God- potential

inside of you, that is what you are.

Love & Light



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