Posted by: Aya Thorgren | September 25, 2016

Let the Love & Light dissolve all Pain

One learns to discern acts of God through an aware human and acts of the average un-fullfilled, un- conscious human of this world and understand that the suffering is not a punishment from God, it is self-created by humanity and only possible due to low levels of consiousness which impedes them from flowing through any flow.


This dense reality and disconnect with The Source is being continously permeated and “uplifted” by the light until it dissolves and the results may ” seem” to take time, where there is a “moment” just before you can perceive the results.Sort of like a deep inbreath, a strong charge. This is where patience and faith comes in. On these levels things move very, very fast thus the more you accept this and tune in to that energetic flow, the more you belive in and perceive that flow the more likely you are to manifest, and that manifestation takes only an instant to happen. It is the tip of the iceberg of all the preparation that lies behind it.


…and then understanding it

This collective negative  energetic field is like an obstruction on the road, you may have to go around it not to get contaminated and to move forwards.

You will be guided as to when to move and when to rest, when to meditate and when to act. When to go within and when to go out.


Never stop loving. Nevers stop smiling. Never stop appreciating everything that is.

Love & Light




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