Posted by: Aya Thorgren | September 24, 2016

“Tricks of The World” and Delays

I was thinking about ” tricks of the world”, temptations and other planetary deceptions.

On why an innocent being is appalled and wonders why on earth he or she has to always be aware of the fact that only too many people of this world are not choosing goodness and subsequently cannot be trusted because their intentions are not pure, but out of ego and in relating with them you may suffer on different levels, physically, emotionally psychologically and spiritually.

There will come a time when you can clearly distinguish them, making it relatively easy to avoid the traps.

Like when someone wants you to do things below your levels, people that are never around and never showed any sign of possible collaboration but now, just when you are getting going, down your path, they have a great idea for you, be very careful with those.

Learn to distinguish a move or decision that moves you closer to your goal and one that moves you further away from it.

Meditate on that one.

The only purpose of this, is to delay, to waste time, to give you the feeling of walking in circles, to drain your vital energies and making you feel like as if there is no advancement, even if it is.

Once you ” clear the road”, move with your heart, things will move easier and the results be more obvious and tangible and your energy high where before the movements were on dimensions unseen, in the unmanifest, but still very much moving but the visible effects can be affected and slowed down by meer thought and feelings, energies of hesitance or low self-esteem. It is like putting up the ” I -am-not-ready-stop-sign” only to slow down the manifestations considerably.


Don,t limit yourself, deep inside you know what you are capable of doing.


Love & Light




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