Posted by: Aya Thorgren | September 23, 2016

Higher Consciousness and Beings of Light

When we talk about angels we talk about aspects of our Creator and Source, energetic patterns that are a part of the Universe and that through their specific energetic combinations, handle different “fields” of our lives within the whole.


Archangel Michael




They are like “semi- visual”, in the sense that we visualize them as lightbeings with wings but they are not seen as such but more like strong sparks of light, but most certainly are felt, as a presence, a great vibration that brings comfort and joy. When you call upon a certain energetic patterns (asking for the presence one or more angels) there is a great sense of faith in that being and a great sense of relief when something that worries you is in the hands of a super intelligent force in dimensions where nothing is impossible and where limits do not exist.

This faith and surrender becomes the portal that shifts your reality into something very powerful and positive.

Knowing that things will be taken care of  leaves the exact details in hands of the Creator, that is all-encompassing and include all possible opportunities existing, those that exist but that you cannot, within your limited dimension, see.

Love & Light




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