Posted by: Aya Thorgren | September 19, 2016

Alone with God

When I speak of love I speak of love, the love my children and many of my friends carry, with a pure, open heart.

There is what I call a capacity to love, when you are soo filled up with it from within that it just pours out and all over the place, like a glass of water spilling over.

God sees that special side in us that no superficial man will ever see, the one we only show when we trust, notices it and loves you, is with you 24/ 7, day and night, so just with that, one can be happy with what is. 

Everything else is extra.

If and when I am with God I am at peace and the men shatter my soul with their impure confusing acts, then wonder no more why I choose peace of mind over an unnecessary problem.The unconscious man lives in the world of manipulations, of always getting what he wants, of saying total lies, only with a secure, convincing voice, just because he felt like it or because it was convenient and the whole world falls to his feet. This kind of person has no bad feelings about what he does, nor does he feel remorse but he is more likely to find one excuse after another only because he is to cowardly to take responsibility for his actions, he just wasn,t thinking about that.



Love & Light




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