Posted by: Aya Thorgren | September 18, 2016

Capture it

Sometimes a train of thought need to be captured and written down.

It may help you to resolve something personal or even on a global level, but most likely on both levels contemporarily.



In between daily thoughs and no thoughts these profound interesting pieces come in that carry something important, (if you are curious enough to ask the question or so to speak, ponder the solutions).

Erasing memory and capturing now, eliminating useless information  and get enlightened in the higher states becomes a daily exercise. Sometimes it is good to put what seems like immense problems into the hand of a more overseeing power like the Creator Force and Source. Sometimes we push pur selves too hard and in those days you forget to capture the natural flow and joy of things and may have a tendency to get tense, anxious and even feverish. The body is trying to tell you to take it easy on yourself, take a break and smell the roses, get a massage, take a hot bath and put your feet up or whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Get cozy and nurture yourself, don,t force it, there is a natural reason behind why you should slow down, you may avoid an accident or other negativities. Like this you let the Universe have the space it needs to help manifest things in the highest way possible which path sometimes may be totally different than what you imagined.

Be always open to the highest possibility, the is no logic behind limiting yourself.


Love & Light




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