Posted by: Aya Thorgren | September 17, 2016

The Pressures of the Young Generations

This society has put enormous and undeserved pressures  onto the young generations that is quite harmful, being physically and psychologically debilitating.

Especially when the older generations only seem to create problems they have no solution for.


The cruelty upon which children and women are forced to do the impossible in a cold environment of careless acts is astounding. This constant breaking down of humans purposefully is obvious and the distress making it difficult to discern the correct path and make the right decisions for these same people.

You need peace of mind to move right.


Since I know that this may possible take time to shift this society into something more intelligent, depending on the willingness of those that cling to ” power”, I urge you to take that peace regardless, build a gentle protective wall around you mentally, love yourself as much as you possibly can, forgive yourself for it is not your fault, let go of that feeling of guilt and pressures that is imposed on you from the outside and let go, relax, surrender this situation into the Source of your life and light, The Creator, that is love and loves you always, call upon all the angels to guide you and protect you, and mothers and children; stay together in the storms, never abandon your children.

In this great day it would be nice to see the love and feel some heart.

Love & Light




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