Posted by: Aya Thorgren | September 17, 2016

Telepathy and Sensitive People

There are many types of telepathies. According to Wikipedia telepathy is represented in these following forms :

  • Latent telepathy, formerly known as “deferred telepathy”,[48] is described as the transfer of information, through Psi, with an observable time-lag between transmission and reception.[7]
  • Retrocognitive,[not in citation given] precognitive, and intuitive[not in citation given] telepathy is described as being the transfer of information, through Psi, about the past, future or present state of an individual’s mind to another individual.[7]
  • Emotive telepathy, also known as remote influence[49] or emotional transfer, is the process of transferring kinesthetic sensations through altered states.
  • Superconscious telepathy involves tapping into the superconscious[50] to access the collective wisdom of the human species for knowledge.



Some people receive, some transmit to others and some do both, or lets say one way may come to you easier but you most probably have the capacity to do both.

Your children, pets and plants perceive your thoughts and what you feel so take charge of your emotions as to not harm them psychologically or physically as disease since these things can manifest, don,t have huge “hidden” expectations or negative thoughts about them, ever, only send them love and support them in everything. They are super connected to the Source and guided, do not try to interrupt that connection or harm them when in that sensitivity and innocense.

Love & Light




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