Posted by: Aya Thorgren | September 17, 2016

Know that you will be fine

In the midst of all this chaos, pressures, guilts and self-imposed responsibilities, toxic people and negative emotions that is part of the distractive drama of the world of which you want to detach, there is YOU and your path, calmly and happily flowing into your highest possibilities, the dream of dreams without any interuptions

….only harmony….


It is not only possible but it is the only possibilty where you can truly perceive the flow of life and higher vibrationd, be a part of it and know it, understand the magic in it and perceive the everyday miracles. Earth angels will be sent your way. Just ask with a pure intention and you shall receive. Always know  that somehow it will be resolved, put everything into the hand of the Universe when you have difficulties in seeing the solutions. Like Doreen Virtue mentions; if this force can uphold and support the entire Universe you can be sure that you are fully supported too.

Breathe into your heart and sit in that stillness.

Breathe into your pain and feel it wash away.

Breathe into the emotions and feel them fully and watch them be released and dissolve.


All can be shifted from one instant to the next if you are aware.

Love & Light




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